Don’t Believe The Hype

Public Enemy wasn’t kidding. This page is here to finally put to rest myths and rumors about the negatives of working “on the card.”

The Great London Myth

It is commonly assumed that recording vocals in London is cheaper than staying in Los Angeles. FALSE!

London versus USA

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The numbers don’t lie. Add in travel expenses and you’re officially the Waterworld of music budgets. Save yourself the stress and time. Hire us!

But it’s so expensive!

Sorry to break it to you, but FALSE! From student films to major blockbusters, SAG-AFTRA has rates to fit any project. Simply go to our Rates page.

The “R” Word (Residuals)

When you hire union singers, YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING RESIDUALS. Singer back-end compensation comes out of the same pool as the actors, NOT the music budget.  The singers are considered part of the “cast list.” So if a film or TV project has SAG-AFTRA actors, adding SAG-AFTRA singers will NOT add any back-end payment obligations for the producer. The residuals “pie” will simply be cut into smaller “slices” to accommodate the singers, as well as the actors.